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10 Questions to ask when sponsoring a BrightTALK™ Summit


What can you expect from sponsoring a BrightTALK Summit? What will make your webinar stand out from the rest? How can you keep your audience engaged during the webinar? Sharing the insight we have gained over the last 2 years, we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions by sponsors of our summits.


1. Can I be an exclusive sponsor of a summit?

Typically BrightTALK™ invites multiple sponsors to participate in summits to encourage presentations covering a variety of perspectives on relevant and important industry topics. In certain cases, sponsors can chose to run a custom event to have exclusive ownership over all content and branding.


2. What are some benchmarks that can help me understand what to expect for my event?


Historically, 57% of the audience to a single event will view content once, while 43% will view multiple times. These event sponsorships aim to identify those 43% so organizations can direct their sales engine towards those individuals.

Depending on the industry in which you are targeting, here are a few community statistics:


Human resources:

Average number of viewers per webinar: 210

Largest webinar audience: 2600



Average number of viewers per webinar: 112

Largest webinar audience: 1700


Financial services:

Average number of viewers per webinar: 76

Largest webinar audience: 1100


Professional services:

Average number of viewers per webinar: 66

Largest webinar audience: 600


3. What is the best day and time to run a live webinar?


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday’s are the most popular days for live and on demand webcasts. The technology industry prefers to view content at lunchtime. Alternatively, financial services professionals prefer mid- morning and mid-afternoon and typically will not view any content around lunchtime. Because different industries have different tendencies, it’s best to conduct your own tests to determine the optimum time for your presentation.


4. How do you drive your target audience?


We drive audience in 3 ways:

1. Through our internal database of subscribers who are familiar with BrightTALK and the type of content we provide

2. A secondary database which is segmented for relevancy by event

3. Partner promotions: Each event is run in conjunction with analyst firms, LinkedIn groups, associations and user groups who promote to their network of peers


5. What are some best practices for attracting an audience?


1. Webinars with clear titles, which convey the value a registrant will receive by attending, draw the largest registration

2. The most effective abstract starts with the situation or problem in the industry, offers a solution and communicates that the audience will understand the solution by attending the presentation

3. Audiences prefer to hear from industry experts over product marketers

4. Roundtables with multiple thought leaders and industry experts are typically the most well-attended events


6. How can you keep your attendees engaged?


When preparing content, be sure to include votes that the live audience can participate in. Votes can be started and ended at any time during the presentation, and results are displayed to the presenter in real-time. Not only will this make the presentation more enjoyable for the viewer, but the presenter will be able to identify areas of interest and gauge knowledge levels in different subjects. The presentation can then be adapted to suit the needs of the audience. Also, encourage the audience to submit questions throughout the presentation, ensuring they are engaged with the content. It is up to you when and if you answer them. You may decide to follow up with some of the questions after the event has finished.


7. How can I distribute the content across multiple channels or partners?


1. Embed your webinar or series of webinars on your and your partners’ websites and blogs

2. Drive traffic directly back to the embed on your website via newsletter, social media and install base marketing. These efforts can be tracked and their performance analyzed.

3. Purchase a podcast to share the content internally. This can be gated, where registration is required, or ungated where viewers can watch content without registering.

4. License a BrightTALK Channel to run unlimited events in conjunction with partners. The channel can be integrated with your CRM for real time data.


8. When is content available for replay?


On-demand webinars are made automatically available on BrightTALK within a few minutes of the conclusion of the live presentation.


9. What is the typical breakdown between live and recorded webinar viewers?


Historically, 34% of the total audience for a webinar will view the presentation live, 49% will view the content recorded and 17% will register but not view. Interestingly, of the 49% viewing recorded content, 15% of them will view on the live day when their schedules permit.


10. What information can I expect to receive after an event?


Within 48 hours, you will receive event attendee information accompanied with engagement data around what event was attended, how long they attended for as well as any questions, comments or feedback submitted to the presenters. A formal event report will also be provided showing how your webinar performed in comparison to others in the event and full demographics of people in attendance to share with your team and help you improve your process.


You can learn more about our summit sponsorship best practices in our Developing an Engagement Marketing Program with Online Summits webinar.

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