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BrightTALK releases the 2015 Webinar Benchmarks Report

This week, BrightTALK will release the 2015 BrightTALK Webinar Benchmarks Report, a data-intensive review of the trends in rich media content marketing, generated from the thousands of webinars on the BrightTALK platform within the past year.

Highlights and analysis will be discussed in a live webinar on January 29 at 9am PST, presented by Kaitlin Stich, Senior Marketing Manager at BrightTALK. This presentation will also offer a number of easy-to-implement strategies for driving demand with webinar programs.

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BrightTALK hosts the Demand Generation 2015 Summit

The Demand Generation 2015 Summit on BrightTALK is your comprehensive guide to planning and implementing a successful demand generation strategy in 2015.

The summit will feature speakers from Marketo, NetSuite and more, who will cover a range of topics relating to demand generation, including:

- Enabling your sales team to master social selling
- Integrating video into your content and email marketing
- Converting LinkedIn connections to leads
- Leveraging user testing to boost conversion and drive revenue

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The perfect two-minute webinar opening

The first step in winning your audience’s attention with your webinar is delivering a strong, confident introduction. It lets you, as the presenter or moderator, immediately capture the audience’s interest. It also sets a structure and a set of expectations for your webinar.

Follow the steps below to develop an opening that covers important aspects of your webinar with clarity and efficiency. Get started by writing out a loose script, then add transitions to reflect your personal or brand style. Keep practicing until you’re comfortable with the delivery.

Download the full brief here.

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Top 10 marketing webinars and videos of 2014

As we head into the new year, we’d like to take a moment to look back and highlight some of the outstanding marketing content we’ve enjoyed on BrightTALK in 2014.

Covering topics like content marketing, social media and demand generation, here are the sessions that made us better marketers this year (in no particular order). Enjoy!


How marketing operations accelerates the effectiveness of marketing programs

As technology grows increasingly important to marketers, the marketing operations function is developing rapidly within organizations. A relatively new role in the marketing world, this function is becoming essential as marketing teams adopt more tools and technologies.

No one understands this better than Tom Kahana, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Limelight Networks. He leads a marketing operations team of six and is responsible for all marketing technology tools, lead and campaign management and reporting/analytics.

We spoke with Tom, who offered his advice on maximizing your marketing programs with marketing technologies.

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