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New B2B Report Reveals 2015’s Lead Generation Trends

As a result of shifting priorities, lead quality is now of greater concern for B2B marketers than lead quantity, according to data from the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report.

B2B marketers have demonstrated a clear preference for generating high-quality leads (68%) over generating a high volume of leads (55%). This shift was previously discussed in our lead generation myths roundtable.

The majority of today's marketers (59%) reported that generating those valuable high-quality leads was their biggest challenge, over things like converting leads to customers (42%) and running effective lead nurturing programs (37%).

While the marketers surveyed use a variety of methods to generate leads, they ranked these five mediums as the top ‘very effective’ tactics: company website, SEO, tradeshows, email marketing, and webinars.

Other notable findings include:

· 61% of respondents cite lack of resources (staffing, budget, or time) as the biggest barrier to lead generation success
· LinkedIn is rated the most effective social media platform for lead generation
· 58% of marketers say their lead generation budget will increase in the coming year

Download the complete report for more insights from today’s B2B marketers.


Drive webinar attendance on BrightTALK through automated emails

In 2014, 53% of the total audience on BrightTALK was driven by email, affirming its status as the most effective medium for promoting webinars.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email campaigns return on average $60 for every dollar spent. No matter the industry, marketers cite email as the best digital channel for return on investment.

When it comes to webinars and videos, automation, personalization, and targeting can turn email campaigns into simple yet highly effective tools for engaging your audience beyond the live day, distributing whitepapers and other related materials, and filling up the virtual seats for your next online event.

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Your questions answered: PR for your webinar

Influencer endorsements are vital in boosting webinar promotion and ensuring increased exposure both before AND after your event. The media and other sources can share your content with their audience, creating invaluable word-of-mouth promotion from trusted third parties.

Last week, we hosted a webinar to discuss five ways to win influencers. If you missed it, join us this Thursday, July 30 at 3 pm BST to hear from Cameron Jahn, our Director of Product Marketing, on the matter.

I wanted to touch upon some of the questions from the Q&A in last week’s live webinar: generating that first connection with an influencer; the best approach for making that connection; and other topics relating to media and influencer relations.

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Building your influencer list for webinars

PR for Your WebinarHere’s a well-known fact: You need the help of influencers to help expand your webinar audience in order to increase demand. These influencers help promote, elevate, and spread your message.

Your prospects want to hear about the benefits of your product from leaders they already trust. By tapping into these outside sources, you get the best endorsement you can have to be successful.

However, influencer relations isn’t easy. Getting these “ultimate shares” take time and bandwidth, but if you’re not making this part of your webinar strategy, you’re missing out. So what does it take to build a solid list of influencers? We’ve outlined a few quick ways to kick off your influencer strategy.

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How to customize your pre-event reminders with a social teaser

Professionals pre-registered to attend your events on BrightTALK receive an automated reminder 24 hours before the live time. By default, this reminder also recommends additional content from your channel.

If attendee networking is enabled in your channel, you can use the social experience to create extra stickiness and compel more of your audience to come back to your channel before the live time. Our tests show that adding a social teaser to pre-event reminders more than doubles their effectiveness.

To customize your pre-event emails with a social teaser, simply copy and paste the following HTML code under the webinar details in your template.

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