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Extend the life of your webinars and videos with engagement emails

Automated emailsCreating quality content takes time and effort. To maximize the ROI from your webinars and videos, we've built customizable engagement emails into the BrightTALK Channel that get more of your audience to interact with your content over time.

These timely automated emails extend the life of your events before and after the live day.

The professionals learning on BrightTALK find these emails to be useful reminders and we see high performance rates and few unsubscribes.

Here are the types of emails you can choose to send from your channel:

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Legendary Marketer: Sharing the right content with your buyers

In this clip from our Legendary Marketer series, BrightTALK Sales Executive Jesse Hunt gives his tips on social selling and what types of content to share on social media.

It’s important to make sure your feed is more than just business-related posts, Jesse says. The last thing you want a prospect to see is a profile filled only with attempts at contacting other companies. Instead, try sharing a mix of professional and personal content. This could include news about your favorite sports teams, new music you like or articles you find interesting. The goal here is to show buyers that you’re a real person with real interests and not just a cold, one-track minded salesperson.

Check out the full video for more, including the golden ratio of business to personal posts.


Empower your team with manager access to your channel

At BrightTALK we understand marketers and strive to build products that make telling your story to the right audience easy and effective. One of the most often requested features we’ve encountered in our conversations with clients has been the desire to grant channel manager access to multiple members of their team without the need to share user credentials.

We’re pleased to announce that the BrightTALK Enterprise Channel now offers the ability to grant manager access to up to five users. More channel manager capacity can be purchased separately.    

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Five things I learned from BrightTALK CEO Paul Heald

I met Paul Heald when he walked into the small day office on the twenty-fifth floor of a San Francisco skyscraper. He was to be my fourth of five interviews that day for a marketing role at BrightTALK.  We shook hands and he swiftly got to work grilling me on my past experiences, goals and aspirations. At one point he paused, “You know, you’re quite interesting, Kathryn.” I smiled and shrugged. I remember appreciating that a CEO had taken the time to get to know me and really consider the role that I might play in the business.

When I started at BrightTALK a few weeks later, Paul was there to greet me. “You know, together we really can build something great,” he told me. Over the past five and a half years of doing just that, he has taught me a lot about building a great business and growing a strong career. Here are five of the many things I learned:

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Small business spotlight: How BrightTALK is helping small businesses grow

Today’s buyers are self-educating before making purchasing decisions--think about how you buy a car, a phone or choose a restaurant. In all of these cases, chances are you will take some time to learn about your purchase online before you buy.

It’s the same for your potential buyers when they search for information related to what you do. According to a study by SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer journey is done before even talking to a salesperson.

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