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Did you catch IoT Month on BrightTALK? Here’s what you missed

More devices are connecting to the internet every second of every day. Gartner estimates the Internet of Things will see 26 billion units installed by 2020, while Cisco estimates it could be as high as 50 billion.

The IoT has already become an ingrained way of living for many people, with an estimated 69% of consumers planning on buying an IoT device by 2019.

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Why you should use content marketing personalization (if you’re not already)

As account-based marketing continues to gain traction, personalization has become an extremely hot topic in marketing. As defined by the Content Marketing Institute, content personalization is a strategy that leverages visitor or prospect data to deliver relevant content based the interests and preferences of the target audience.

It’s an interesting topic, especially since most marketers acknowledge that personalization can greatly benefit their content marketing efforts, but a good number don’t take advantage of it. As explained below, there are a variety of reasons for this lack of adoption.

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51% of people work while watching webinars. Here’s how to prevent that

In a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, we found that 51% of professionals are working while watching presentations and 34% are checking email or texting.

While we’ll never be able to minimize that number to 0%, we can impact it by carefully crafting and curating the presentation experience through purposeful multimedia experiences.

This post takes a quick look at three ways to incorporate a more inclusive online experience to ameliorate your presentations.

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The results are in! Q1’s hottest marketing webinars

BrightTALK marketing webinarsOver the past quarter, BrightTALK hosted webinars throughout the globe on the BrightTALK platform. The BrightTALK marketing community hosted three summits attracting thousands of users across the globe to tune in. If you missed them, check out the on-demand recordings: E-Commerce Marketing & Technology, Demand Generation, and Email Marketing.

We wanted to share the top performing webinars last quarter by total number of views and live attendance. Check them out!

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Q&A: Insights & tips on running effective global webinar programs

In the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report, we highlighted some of the companies running highly successful webinar programs on our platform. One of those organizations is EXFO, whose global marketing initiatives are led by Louis Adam, Director of Marketing.

In this Q&A, Louis explains why webinars have been so effective for his global team and shares his tips and best practices for launching effective webinar programs.

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