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BrightTALK launches new customer success community

BrightTALK is excited to announce the launch of a new community to serve customer success professionals. In this rapidly changing business landscape, the customer success function is quickly becoming a key investment for businesses that base their revenues on subscriptions.

Every organization should prioritize their customers’ needs, but it’s even more crucial for those subscription-based businesses that don’t make a profit until their customers have been with them for a year or even longer.

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15 keys to becoming a BrightTALK Channel power user


As a BrightTALK Channel owner, you have access to great capabilities to help you tell your story and engage your audience. Are you using your channel to its full potential? Here’s a list of fifteen keys to success – it’s never too late to become a BrightTALK power user! 


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9 keys to becoming a BrightTALK power user

BrightTALK power userAs a BrightTALK user you have access to millions of minutes of professional content to help you grow and accelerate your career. Are you making the most of your time on BrightTALK? Here’s a list of nine keys to a fruitful audience experience – it’s never too late to become a BrightTALK power user!

1. Find your community

Find the BrightTALK community that best align with your professional interests. This is your content hub where you’ll discover the topics, thought leaders and vendors that matter to you most. The more you engage with your community, the better the platform will become at recommending relevant content.

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Stay up-to-date with timely email updates from BrightTALK

Automated emailsBrightTALK sends timely automated email updates to help you make the most of the webinars and videos you attend. BrightTALK audiences find these to be useful reminders and we see very few unsubscribes. We encourage you to manage the number of emails you’d like to receive from your email preferences.

Here are the types of emails you can choose to receive:

Thank you for registering

When you register to attend an upcoming webinar or video, you will receive a confirmation email with the details and view link to the webcast you registered to attend. You can always use the test your system link to make sure you can view webinars and videos on BrightTALK.

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BrightTALK CEO Paul Heald goes live on air for the Money Talk radio show

This week our CEO and co-founder Paul Heald was a special guest on Money Talk with Jesse Torres. After spending our days living and breathing online events, it was fun to switch focus and listen in to a live talk radio show. Listen to the interview here.

Jesse first learned about BrightTALK after receiving an email inviting him to attend a webinar on the platform. As he told the story, he checked the webinar out and loved the experience: “video and text, streamed well and moved gracefully. A webinar tool that's not clunky, has all the bells and whistles, and is easy to use? I think we’ve finally found our platform.” He asked Paul to be on the show to learn more about what went into creating BrightTALK and what goes into putting together a successful webinar program.

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