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Deliver a meaningful customer experience with content

The role of content marketing in B2B organizations is growing in exciting and specialized ways. It’s not uncommon these days to come across titles like content localizer, technical communicator or communication taxonomist. It’s given the content community lots to talk about. 

Last week, content enthusiasts gathered at Information Development World in San Jose, Calif. to discuss these changes and to learn from specialized content experts at companies like Google, HP, Sony and Yahoo.

The theme of the event boiled down to this: Content marketing is only successful when integrated across all marketing channels for a singular, meaningful customer experience.

Here are four tips to help you deliver a meaningful customer experience with your content marketing programs:

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Catch up with the latest thinking from the SiriusDecisions Summit in London

SiriusDecisions InterviewBrightTALK was privileged to be an exhibitor at the SiriusDecisions EMEA Summit this week! Arguably the top event for B2B marketers, especially within the technology industry, the summit was packed with industry experts and practitioners, sharing their learnings and best practices.

This year’s event was focussed on transforming sales, marketing and product departments in order to drive businesses forward. Attendees enjoyed sessions covering alignment, product messaging, customer experience, channel effectiveness and much more.

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Three clients creatively sharing their screens live with Pro webinar

With the release of Pro webinar, marketers can now book and run webinars with screen sharing capabilities, seamlessly broadcasting their screens and enriching the live webinar experience with demos, animations, videos and more.

It has been exciting to watch BrightTALK clients think outside the box and use Pro webinar creatively to tell their stories in engaging and meaningful ways. Here are three examples.

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Webinars are going social!

Your BrightTALK audience is coming to life with professional profiles! Now your attendees can build social profiles and continue discussions about your content with like-minded peers from around the world.

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What makes a #LegendaryMarketer? A #hoodieblazer apparently!

MME14As Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience 2014 draws to a close, we're using a moment of calm to recap on the fun we have had over the last 3 days. From F1 royalty to actual royalty, there has certainly been a lot to enjoy and experience, for both attendees and exhibitors.

While there have been a large number of highlights, we have narrowed it down to our top 3!

Marketing in the fast lane

The event started with a bang as David Coulthard swaggered into the theatre! It was fascinating to hear Mark Gallagher and DC discuss the super-charged business of F1, highlighting the similar challenges we face across industries and organisations, such as audience engagement, data-driven decisions and team alignment (although, luckily we don't need to worry about sub-2 second pit stops!) Unfortunately, we never found out if Lewis's Mum gave her phone number to DC, but we hope she did!

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