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How marketing operations accelerates the effectiveness of marketing programs

As technology grows increasingly important to marketers, the marketing operations function is developing rapidly within organizations. A relatively new role in the marketing world, this function is becoming essential as marketing teams adopt more tools and technologies.

No one understands this better than Tom Kahana, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Limelight Networks. He leads a marketing operations team of six and is responsible for all marketing technology tools, lead and campaign management and reporting/analytics.

We spoke with Tom, who offered his advice on maximizing your marketing programs with marketing technologies.

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BrightTALK presents the CMO Roundtables Summit

BrightTALK is excited to announce the kick off of the CMO Roundtables Summit, a series of live panel discussions on the growing influence of technology in marketing.

The summit will feature 12 sessions with speakers from CMO Council, Google and more, discussing key topics in marketing technology, including:

- Creating and measuring video content
- Making the most of your marketing automation platform
- Measuring marketing performance and value
- Making sense of your marketing technology stack

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Celebrating gratitude and community at BrightTALK's Thanksgiving

Dish upon dish and pie after pie poured into the kitchen of BrightTALK’s San Francisco office last Friday as we prepared for our annual Thanksgiving potluck. As is tradition, each employee was asked to bring a dish -- and everyone certainly did their part.

The unmistakable aromas of Thanksgiving wafted through the office as we prepared to gather and say thanks. From green beans to yams to pumpkin pie, the kitchen overflowed with our coworkers’ delicious contributions.

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Generate more leads with a variety of content formats

This year’s B2B Content Marketing Spotlight Report took an in-depth look at the state of content marketing at B2B companies. More than 600 marketing professionals participated, representing a range of company sizes, job titles and industries. Despite these differences, several common themes emerged. Notably, B2B marketers see content marketing as a vehicle for lead generation and use a variety of content formats to fuel it.

To download the full report, register for the B2B Content Marketing Trends - Survey Results and Analysis webinar.

More of a skimmer? Check out three of the top formats content marketers are using to generate more leads.

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The argument for adopting a storytelling structure for your content marketing

People are storytellers by nature. We listen to those around us to stay informed and entertained, and we tell stories to relate to others. For marketers, storytelling is more effective at connecting with target audiences than any product pitch ever could be. Each connection made through a story is an opportunity to earn an audience’s attention and trust while guiding them toward a purchasing decision. But what story element can marketers use to optimize their messaging?

This article comes to you from BrightTALK’s Legendary Marketer's Guide to Content Creation. Download the full guide here.

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