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4 steps to crafting keyword optimized presentation abstracts

BrightTALK webinar abstractsB2B marketing experts know that a well-executed webinar event has the ability to draw thousands of viewers and potential buyers. However, with an abundance of content out there, marketers need the right keywords to excite professionals to register for your content.

With over 250 billion emails, 500 million tweets and 2 million blog posts published daily, keyword choice is vital to breaking through the masses. Captivating industry keywords can drive email open rates, click-through rates and ultimately registration rates.

Here are four easy ways to improve your discoverability, grab buyers' attention and inspire engagement.

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The role of rich media vs. text-based content in the buyer’s journey

BrightTALK rich media text based contentAttracting prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey requires more than just engaging content. It requires your information to be thought-provoking and valuable. SiriusDecisions found that buyers can be up to 70% of the way through their decision making before reaching out to vendors, meaning that your content needs to be readily available where and when they’re researching on the web.

Your message needs to be presented in a format that addresses the needs and preference of the buyer wherever they are in their researching journey. While text-based content draws prospects in, rich media content, like videos and webinars, provides a deeper engagement with your prospects.

When considering the traditional B2B sales cycle, here’s how to leverage rich media and text-based content to ensure you have the right conversations, with the right people, in the best way.

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Latest trends influencing demand generation investments

Where is demand generation heading in 2016? In the latest edition of the Demand Generation Benchmark Report, Demand Gen Report uncovered some great insights about the state of demand generation and how marketers will address their top goals and challenges this year.

One of the most notable takeaways, however, is the emphasis on generating higher quality demand and making more strategic demand generation investments. With 67% of demand gen budgets expected to increase this year, it’s important to take a deeper look at how the function is evolving within organizations and influencing the bottom line.

Here’s a quick look at three emerging trends from this year’s Demand Generation Benchmark Report.

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Is your social media strategy global?

BrightTALK CMI social mediaOver the past few years, we've watched the booming social media industry continue to expand with more audiovisual interactions, advertising innovations and more noise.

With the constantly changing and globally diverse trends of our fast-paced digital world, it’s important to take a look at the worldwide usage and effectiveness of social networking sites, video sharing platforms and micro-blogging networks in developing a powerful and wide-reaching B2B marketing strategy for 2016.

Here's what the Content Marketing Institute found about the developments of social media platform usage and effectiveness across North America and United Kingdom in their recent B2B Content Marketing reports.

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Prioritizing prospects with webinar lead scoring

BrightTALK lead scoring for webinarsIt’s no secret that webinars are one of the most effective lead gen tactics. With live and on-demand availability, they attract large audiences and capture in-depth insights on viewers as they engage with your presentation.

However, not all registrants and attendees are the same when it comes to how they demonstrate interest in your subject and company. For example, you could have one person who registers for the event but never ends up viewing. You could also have someone who actively participates in surveys, asks questions, and leaves feedback.

The question is, how do you prioritize those highly engaged contacts to ensure your sales team’s time is being used efficiently?

The answer? Lead scoring.

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