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Webinar titles needn't be boring!

At BrightTALK, we work with industry experts every day to develop insightful, useful content for our professional communities. In order to capture an audience's attention, especially in promotions, the title of a presentation needs to stand out. For this reason, we encourage speakers to use interesting and bold titles for their webinars and videos.

Here are five themes you can use to create a webinar title that makes an impact:

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How living in the 57% will impact your content marketing strategy in 2015

In their 2012 study "The End of Solution Sales," the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) revealed that 57% of a typical B2B purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. This study, completed in conjunction with Google, provided insights into the buying habits and patterns of B2B buyers and also served to confirm the tectonic shift that is impacting marketing and sales professionals today.

While the shift in buying process now seems commonplace for the buyer, B2B marketing and sales professionals in most cases are still adjusting to this new world buying order. CEB states the following as part of the study:

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Attract larger audiences with improved email design

The weekly email, a key email that gives your content regular audience exposure with no promotional effort on your side, has a new look and performs 24% better!

This release includes a modern redesign that makes your content stand out. A dynamic subject line increases the email’s visibility in the inbox and entices more of your audience to engage with your content.

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Should you use presenter chat as part of your webinars?

Live presentations require organization, preparation, and rehearsal. But even with all of those things, there will inevitably be some webinars that require a bit of behind-the-scenes communication. That's where presenter-to-presenter chat comes in.

On BrightTALK, presenters can use this feature to communicate with their fellow speakers before, during and after their session. We were curious to know more about how BrightTALK thought leaders use chat as part of their webinars, so we asked some of our speakers whether or not they thought presenters should use the feature.

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Webinars in the age of social media

Last week, we discussed current trends and best practices in B2B social media with Natascha Thomson, the CEO and founder of MarketingXLerator, a social media consulting company.

In part two of this interview, we spoke with Natascha about how to use social media to strengthen your webinar programs.

This is the second part in a two-part interview series. You can read the first post here.

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