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BrightTALK Takes on the Marketing Nation!

Better togetherIf I learned one thing at this month’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, it’s that now is the time to be a marketer. From star-studded keynotes to some major product announcements, this year’s event in San Francisco was all about highlighting marketers as innovators who are driving businesses forward in unparalleled ways. As a Marketo Launchpoint Partner and Gold sponsor of the event this year, BrightTALK was at the center of all the action, capturing live video interviews from these very innovators at our booth. We spoke with sponsors, summit presenters, and BrightTALK clients about their own marketing technologies and how they are being fueled by content and marketing automation.

Innovation in action
For a Marketo nerd like myself, choosing only a handful of the 80+ expert sessions at the event was like being limited to 10 rides at Disneyland. I did my best to choose wisely and did not come away disappointed. I heard from Marketo champions, Revvie winners and BrightTALK customers on how they’re tackling challenges in lead nurturing, sales-marketing alignment and analytics. Here are a few takeaways:

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Director and above titles don't make decisions like they used to

Andrew Goldner BrightTALKHistorically, influence and decision making inside of the enterprise was concentrated heavily among senior management. This was based primarily on two factors:

1. Access to and publication of information, itself, was concentrated among more senior managers

2. The cost and implementation of on-premises software favored centralized purchasing and mandated IT involvement.

That logic is now outdated. The cost of creating, disseminating and consuming information has reduced to near zero, so more content is being created. Simultaneously, social media platforms, MOOCs, and the proliferation of professional blogs make it nearly effortless for professionals at all levels to stay abreast of current trends and connect with and learn from a wide variety of experienced professionals. 

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How to create a culture of testing in your organization

Optimization testing process

Modern marketers spend time and resources building attractive websites and apps hoping to delight customers with an irresistible experience, a clear exchange of values and a good enough reason to visit again.

But hope alone is not enough.

The marketers who are doing this well are making data-informed decisions based on actionable insights. They have mastered optimization testing and are using data to influence product development and marketing messaging.

The best ones have also managed to spread the bug beyond their teams and get their entire organizations excited about testing. How?

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Better together: The true value of marketing partnerships

Better togetherRecognizing the value of teaming up with partners, BrightTALK demand generation team members Katrina McEwan and Ying Zhang join forces at “Better Together: The True Value of Marketing Partnerships”. The webinar presents key benefits you can expect from a marketing collaboration, as well as some helpful tips to ensure a successful alliance. Using as examples case studies from Intel, Domino’s and The Walt Disney Company, the webinar shows why engaging in a partnership could help increase ROI.

The webinar focuses on five fundamental advantages of marketing partnerships:

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How to produce 30 videos in 2 days

AllianzGI 30 videos 2 days
Allianz Global Investors asked us to capture the excitement of their Hong Kong Investment Forum in a series of videos featuring panel discussions, headline speakers, green screen interviews, conversations with attendees and scenes from the beautiful surrounding area. These videos would bring the discussions between business leaders and key contributors happening at the forum to the broader organization and give people across the company an understanding of the subsequent direction investments would take.  
Thirty videos in two days? Challenge accepted. 

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